Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Favorite Things

This is today's blogging theme =)

So here we go, these are in no particular order, I don't have THAT much time and I'm quite indecisive.

Coveted Yarn is a GREAT place to get yarn on the web. Not only do they very regularly have sales BUT if you are a fan on Facebook then they take REQUESTS FOR SALES! Yes, for yarn! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn't, but it's beautiful. And if you are a die hard yarnie and bargain shopper, like myself, you can click the little button under the pic on their page after you become a fan, the 'subscribe SMS' button, and your cell phone will beep every time Robert says 'Anyone have a sale request for today?'. And you can be the first to shout right back that sweater yarn you've been eying. Life is good.

Now I haven't met a knitter/crocheter/yarnie yet who isn't aware of Ravelry so I of course have to mention them... they have a severe downfall to me though and that is that they are just TOO interesting! I get lost, totally and completely consumed. Before long I realize that I have been gazing fondly and adoringly at other people's afghans for so long, well, I could have created my own. That said though, it has many perks. Want to know what that neat looking skein of yarn will look like all worked up? Well just type it in the Ravelry search box and there ya go. Want different ideas or variations on how to put together your 'Lizard's Ridge' Afghan? Again, type it in the search box and there ya go. Just like that. Just try not to get lost and use all your knitting time on Ravelry. =)

Now, there's also Knit Picks and Elann both of who I have not ordered from but I WILL, just as soon as my budget allows. I have a friend who swears by Knit Picks and I've gotten a couple of sets of their 40" circulars for magic loop and they are my absolute favorite by far! I keep eying their kits though, that are SO reasonable. They've eliminated the problem of having to spend $80 on a hat because you need 8 different colors (that's the reason you want it in the first place is because it's so colorful!), by making kits that include a gazillion colors for like $18 for a hat. Elann has a GREAT selection of free patterns, unique from what you usually find for free patterns online, in my opinion anyways. And they also have uber cheap yarn, that I haven't, but WILL try! (Especially in the emails that I get for signing up!)

Ok, that is all off the top of my head, especially since I lost power (we are getting remnants of tropical storms here in North Carolina, just wind and rain, but enough to knock the power out for an hour or so), during that last bit and had to re-write. I want to show off the sweater I am making Demarcus right now, but need to take a picture of him in the one I already worked up. The rain is making that difficult. :-(

Till next time!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Basic Toddler Sock Knitting Pattern

This pattern will fit a child with a 6" foot as written. To modify to a smaller or larger foot, simply change the body of the foot. Example: To fit a child with a 6 1/2" foot, simply knit the body of the foot until it measures 5" instead of 4 1/2".

Using size 3 needles, cast on 36 stitches.

Divide either in half if you are using magic loop method (I love this method!) or onto 3 needles if you are using the traditional method.

Work K1, P1 ribbing for 1 1/2".

Continue in stockinette stitch until entire cuff measures 4 1/2".

Divide for heal if using the traditional method, so that you have 18 stitches on each needle. Working back and forth on HALF the stitches, work stockinette stitch until heel flap measures 1 1/2".

Turn heel as follows:

Row 1: (ws) P10, P2tog, P1, turn.
Row 2: sl 1, K4, ssk, K1, turn.
Row 3: sl 1, P5, P2tog, P1, turn.
Row 4: sl 1, K6, ssk, K1, turn.

Continue in as established until you have 10 stitches on this needle.

Pick up 11 stitches along side of heel flap, then knit across the 18 stitches on the instep. Pick up 11 stitches on the other side of the heel flap and knit the stitches left after turning the heel.

Rearrange stitches so they are either back on 3 needles for the traditional method or the instep stitches on one needle and the heel and gusset stitches on the other needle for magic loop method.

You now need to ssk the 2nd and 3rd stitches of the gusset (the 11 stitches you picked up along the side) and K2tog the 2nd and 3rd stitches from the end of your gusset. (the other 11 stitches you picked up). Meaning you will do a K2tog then knit your last stitch. This makes up your decrease round.

Work one round decreasing as above, then one round just knit until you are back down to a total number of 36 stitches.

Knit until foot measures 4 1/2".

The tow is worked much like the gusset, however, you are going to decrease 4 stitches every decreasing round instead of two above. You do this as follows: decrease in the same manner as above only you will do it for the instep stitches as well. So if you are using the magic loop method, you will decrease like above on BOTH needles instead of one. If using the traditional method then you will decrease the instep stitches as above and then do your ssk on the next needle and K2tog on the 3rd needle.

Work one round decreasing as above and then one round knit until you have 20 stitches remaining. Divide those stitches onto 2 needles if they aren't already and then graft together.

The sample sock above was made using Araucania  Ranco.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's A Learning Process....

Both knitting and blogging....I think I may have figured out the pics here....

This is my 'Mini Mitered Square' afghan, from 'Mason Dixon Knitting'. (Absolutely LOVE that book!) Let's see what else we can show....

And this is Demarcus in his little intarsia hat, that just came out so great. I found this pattern at a LYS, I believe it's from Blue Girl Knits. The great thing about it though, is the pattern came in very small for babies and small children, and also for adults! (Though I had to purchase the adult one seperately and it uses different yarn). So Demarcus and his Dad, Marcus, got matching hats....

Cute huh? Ok, that's enough for now. Tomorrow I will update with some stuff that I am actually currently working on, and hopefully post up the pattern for Demarcus' socks I am working on... Goodbye all! =)

Introduction =)

Hello, I'm Tonya. I knit. A lot. Ask anyone who knows me. I have 3 boys, ages 17, 12 and 2. I love to share the things I am working on, have finished and patterns I tend to work up along the way. So I guess you could say the whole idea of this blog is ideas, inspiration and patterns. This is going to be my place to share and it's inevitable with 3 kids that some family will end up in here too. I mean, it's not like I have anything else going on in my life. (Yes, that was so very sarcastic). I have never done a blog before. So you will have to bear with me as I learn while doing this. Feel free to offer any comments and suggestions as I try and make BlogSpot here, my new best friend. Perhaps I should just jump in with the knitting since I am WAY more comfortable with that than this whole introduction thingy...

I am one who always has a BUNCH of projects going on at once, but who does actually finish them! Right now I have going:

1.)  A half finished pair of socks for my two year old. (He just turned 2 on Friday!)
2.)  A shaded boucile afghan
3.)  A sweater for said 2 year old. (Demarcus)
4.)  NUMEROUS socks for myself!
5.)  A 'Lizards Ridge' Afghan with Noro's Kureyon.
6.)  A great sweater for me made from Ester Bitan Handyes on itsy bitsy size 3 needles.
7.) Something with Noro's Silk Garden. I've been collecting it for some sort of afghan.
And more, that's just off the top of my head!

I plan on having lots of pictures.... just as soon as I figure out how. :-)