Monday, October 25, 2010

And Moving Forward....Kinda =)

Ok, I apologize for the lack of updates, I've been a little discouraged these days. For one, I started this blog with some ideas in mind. One was that I love to knit and show off what I've done but I'm not big on Ravelry because as I've stated, I tend to get lost beyond the point of return. Also, I was looking to connect and get feedback from other knitters, that hasn't really happened yet but I realize I am still early in this. Another one was money. I had heard that you can make money blogging and thought hey, why not? I'm a disabled single mother of three and I certainly struggle to get all the bills paid each month. If I can make a few bucks writing about something I love and sharing patterns I've written, well, why not? And I was. Only a little bit, but hey, it wasn't costing me anything to share and type. (This was from the Google Ads offered here on Blogger). I was up to twenty something bucks. At a hundred, they would cut me a check and I was pretty excited about that even though it wouldn't be for awhile. Then I went to check my account and saw that it had been disabled. No explanation. Invalid click activity. I don't even know what this is really but I know I read their policy when I signed up and I hadn't done anything it said I wasn't supposed to do. So I filled out their appeal form and sent it. I read their rules about the appeal and it said you had no other recourse if your appeal was denied, that was it. I really couldn't imagine mine would be, I thought it had to be some mistake and filled out the form. I received an email a few days later saying that my account would NOT be reinstated. No further explanation. Nothing else I can do. I am barred, FOR LIFE, from Googles Adsense and I have no idea why. And they took back my lousy twenty something dollars too. So you see, I've been a little discouraged.

Also, at the same time, I was attempting for the 5th time, my first lace project. I love lace. It doesn't love me. I get so far and boom, mistake that I don't even begin to know how to fix. I guess I just have bad concentration. I'm determined to overcome it, though I guess not right now. I tried the Kid Silk Haze wrap like 4 times, each time having to rip it out and start over. Sometimes after just a couple of rows, sometimes after I'd correctly done 5 inches. I then tried it with the Patons Lace yarn, thinking maybe I was just having trouble because the Kid Silk Haze is so fine. Yes, that was absolutely the problem I decided after correctly knitting 6 inches with the Patons Lace. Then boom, wrong stitch count again. Nope, it's not the yarn. It is most positively, definitely, me. So for the sake of my moral, I had to put it aside AGAIN!

So now I am back to work on the size 3 needle sweater for me that I have been working on for a couple of months off and on. The needle size is so small and it's so tedious, I make a piece of the sweater and then set it aside, do something else and then go back to it. It, I so completely hope, should be fabulous upon completion. It is the Draped Cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Spring/Summer 2010 issue. There is a picture of it here.

I still need to get someone to take a picture of me in the last sweater I finished, right before Google disabled my ads and I lost my knitting mojo with the lace. Perhaps tomorrow, Marcus is off. I'm unsure the fate of this blog right, to be honest, but I think for now I will keep plugging away. Taking it down is a forever decision, so I will wait until I'm not so down to decide. If anyone has any input, please, feel free to comment!


  1. Keep writing! I know I don't knit, but I think it is so cool to see how good you are at it. The lace will come! Just keep practicing. Maybe start super slow or something?

  2. It seems like if you treat this blogging thing like your knitting patterns. That you just reached a "Boom" in your pattern by them disable your blog and you should not to loose your enthusiasms, but to just adjusts "your pattern" to make it work. And it looks like you are a natural in doing that, by reading and looking at your patterns on your blog! Just keep up the Great Work Tonya! Everything will be OK!

  3. Hey! I am just a simple knitter but I know that I too was discouraged at first, but I kept after my dreams and you know what??? I failed a few but I kept trying and trying!

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  5. Have you tried using a lifeline? Lace is very confusing if you mess up with all those yarn overs and stuff. Placing a lifeline every few rows is what I do, that what I know I only have to go back a few rows to a correct row and have another go!

    Just keep knitting!

  6. Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile! Sherry I JUST got Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knitting from the library and was reading on the lifeline thing. I was SO excited! It also had a suggestion of using stitch markers to mark each set of repeats in the lace until you get used to the pattern, which is a good idea also. Though on the fore mentioned lace project I'm BEYOND familiar with the pattern!! =)