Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's A New Day!

Ok, well FINALLY the rain eased up and I was able to get Demarcus outside for a little modeling of Mom's stuff! (This weekend has been insanely busy so far, I'm hoping the worst is over!) I'm currently making him a sweater out of a great shaded sock yarn I bought at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. (Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Garden Yarn in Grass, to be exact). This here is the yarn....

I don't know about your monitor/computer, but mine isn't doing it justice, it's a real pretty shaded yarn. But see, I already made Demarcus a sweater using this pattern. I LOVE this pattern, I'm very upset that he is already the largest size because that means I'll have to be doing some editing to the pattern soon to make it bigger for him. I hate doing that. I like to just be able to follow a pattern as written unless I WANT to make a change, not because I HAVE to make a change. Anyways, the pattern is from Debbie Bliss' magazine, the Spring/Summer 2010 issue. The "Classic Baby Cardigan" made out of Eco Baby. Here is Demarcus this afternoon modeling his Eco-Baby sweater....

Came out great, huh? The one I'm making now out of the striped yarn should come out great too, probably look very different though, even though it's the same pattern. Seems so easy, take a pic of the boy in the sweater. HA! You try getting a 2 year old to stay still long enough to get a pic that isn't a blur! =)

BUT, while I had him out there and in the modeling mood, I threw on this other sweater I made him using plain ol' Lion Brand Yarn Cotton Ease. I chose this yarn because last winter I made him a blanket out of it, a Log Cabin that I'm sure I will post a pic of at some point, and it just came out great. And best of all, it washes and dries great. Looks better after being washed and dried than it did in the first place! I got this pattern out of a book called, "Little Badger Knits", but I had to edit the pattern SO much to fit Demarcus, I'm tempted to post it up as a free one here. I will behave though and read up on the copyrights before posting, don't want to get in trouble my first few days at this! It came out great so it was worth all the extra effort.

One of the best things about this sweater too, is it only took 3 balls of yarn that I got for half price @ AC Moore....making the total cost of the sweater under $10! Can't beat that! Ok, it is late and I am tired....that's enough sharing for tonight....Goodnight! =)

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